Tuesday, August 24, 2010

peach ice cream

i know that increasingly this place is turning into a shrine for all things lebovitz. it's just the natural effect of buying his book, let it run its course and don't complain - you're ruining my mood. and in a mood i am! my job is very stressful. i make it a point of not bringing it up here, lest it take over the place and suffocate everybody, the way it did my friend this afternoon (sorry!). some days can get truly hectic, and when you couple that with the rigors of potty training and the general toddler discourse, you're in for a treat. and not the kind you bake. it's too hot for baking anyway. hence all the ice cream, because making ice cream is relaxing and fits the schedule. i make the custard in the evening, chill it overnight and then churn it before dinner. this one is the easiest ice cream you'll make - no egg tempering required. matter of fact, no eggs required. just peaches and cream, slap me if this combo ever gets old!

what's that it sits on? old habits die hard, that's what. it was 10 PM and i had a ridiculous hankering for mom's apple tart. did the filling before discovering i had nowhere enough white flour, so i used whole wheat pastry flour in an inordinate proportion, and it's not the best crust ever. don't worry, the ice cream made it all better. see how it keeps saving the day? told you it's worth keeping around.

peach ice cream
from david lebovitz's the perfect scoop

4 large peaches, pitted, peeled and cubed
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup sour cream
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 ts vanilla extract
a few drops lemon juice

cook the peaches with the water over medium heat, covered, until the fruit is cooked through, about 10 minutes. remove from heat, mix in the sugar and let cool. puree the peaches and their juices with the sour cream, heavy cream, vanilla and lemon juice to a consistency you like. refrigerate the mixture until it's very cold, then churn in your ice cream maker.

it's a divine clean taste. goes with everything, on everything. apotropaic treat, promptly ends toddler meltdowns. the apotheosis of summer's end. somebody stop me or we could be here awhile.


  1. i have a stressful job too...but i don't have lebovitz book and ,more important,this perfect scoop of peaches!wonderful,dana!

  2. lovely ice cream its' perfect after a stressful day of work

  3. Gorgeous! Making ice cream from David's book is utterly addictive. As is the ice cream itself!

  4. i'm really sorry about your job,but i'm sure that at least this wonderful ice cream saved your day!

  5. A little kitchen time re-sets things doesn't it. Makes that toddler tantrum, a muted memory, when you look at what you just created and "think, damn that tastes good!" where are those kids again?...

  6. thanks for making me smile... cute post , loveley food. ice cream with no tempering even better... ~ Chef Louise

  7. I colori di questo dolce sono stupendi, sei brava senza alcun dubbio :) un abbraccio affetuoso cara

  8. Hmm..I thought I'd left a comment on this thread, but it seems to have disappeared - maybe I clicked the wrong button. Ice cream looks fabo, Dana, and I hope you get a chance to catch your breath and get some downtime soon.. xx

  9. I wish I saw this recipe I just finished all the peaches!
    The ice cream looks really great!

  10. une savoureuse crème glacée en plus j'adore les pêches
    bonne soirée

  11. Hi Dana,

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  12. Imi place Perfect Scoop, imi plac cartile lui David Lebovitz...cred ca le am pe toate!
    Prajitura e cu mere?

  13. happy to hear about you,my dear!:))
    in alta ordine de idei,bine ca sunteti sanatosi acum,cu noi am betegit pe rind,unul cu spatele ,altii cu racelile,incet -incet ne restabilim si da,sunt matinala,asta -i ritmul meu...:)
    numai bine!

  14. O adevarta arta aceasta reteta!


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