Monday, January 25, 2010

casual friday: onion pizza

although it's monday. i just like the expression. casual friday is any day you feel like slacking a little bit. or a day when your consort keeps imploring junk delivery. and once your child hears the word 'pizza' being uttered it doesn't leave her brain, not for a flying pony. are you to order pizza then? to quiet the revolution and to honor casual friday - which, stop kidding yourself: it's bound to come around once in a blue moon. ts, ts, ts. i would go without pizza forever [gasp!] rather than submitting to that pizza hut racket. on a mad day i'll buy the dough and skip a step and still make my own, thank you very much. (which is not to say i've never ordered pizza - just that each time i did, i ate it with a side of bitter regret).

now this is casual, remember? no measuring allowed. [taps pen against teeth] except for the dough, if you insist on making it yourself - leave a comment if you'd like my recipe.

preheat the oven to 400F. stretch the dough with your hands to fit whatever sheet/pan/stone you're using to bake it. spread with a few tablespoons pizza sauce. chop some bacon and scatter it across, then a cubed red pepper. crumble a chunk of feta - not a lot, say a piece the size of an egg. then grate some parmesan and sprinkle both cheeses on the pie. for the grand finale, thinly slice a medium onion, and spread it in a single, continuous layer on your cutting board. pour a little olive oil on top, sseason with salt and pepper, and mix it very well with your hands, crushing it a little as you go, as if you were kneading. distribute evenly on the pizza.

bake for about 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the thickness of your dough and the level of char you like on the top ingredients. serve with a green salad if you like. there were no leftovers. not a crumb.


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