Thursday, January 28, 2010

molten lava chocolate cake

recipe adapted from paula deen

one slash of a fork and its molten center will spill like a lush, saucy secret. this cake is unbelivably moist, allows you to play with flavorings and it's great for a small dinner party. i can't remember where, but definetely on a pastry chef's blog i read that this cake is boring and commonplace as old shoes. as i was reading all the reasons i shouldn't bother, the fiercest of cravings took hold.

people are sick of it? i refuse to believe it. it's cliche? ts ts, i can live with that. i could care less about which foods are trendy today. i like what i like and this thing will grace my table a lot more than any other chocolate dessert. it's very easy to make, it takes 25 minutes! 25! from start to ready-to-be-eaten, and it looks good enough to entertain. you can make multiple toppings and each guest gets their own little cake to dress up as they will. can't think of a better ending to a meal.

2 oz/56 gr bittersweet chocolate (70% cocoa)
1 1/4 stick/140 gr butter
1/2 cup/ 75 gr all-purpose flour
1 cup/80 gr confectioner's sugar
3 eggs
3 egg yolks
1 ts vanilla extract
2 tb orange/hazelnut/peppermint liqueur

preheat oven to 425F/218C.
butter and sugar 6 x 6 oz ramekins or 4 x 7 3/4oz.
melt the chocolate with the butter in the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds to avoid scorching or use a double boiler. add the flour and sugar. stir in the eggs and the yolks until smooth. add vanilla and flavoring of choice, i used some coconut extract. decrease to 1 teaspoon if you'll use extract instead of liqueur.
divide equally between ramekins. bake for precisely 14 minutes.

let cool a few minutes and invert unto dessert plates. i do not doubt for a second that more often than not we'll eat them straight out of their ramekins, but if you wanna get fancy, beat up a cup of whipping cream, divide it into smaller portions and mix each with praline, nutella, pistachio paste, peppermint brittle, cream of coconut or what have you, for pure, utter indulgence. as if the cake were not enough on its own!


  1. Hi Dana,

    Cu minunätia asta ai dat Lovitura mare la Zhara
    si restul mincätorilor. La asa ceva este problema cä egal cit de mult faci tot prea putin este.

    Multe Salutäri jacob

  2. mersi mult jacob! a fost un succes, zhara a fost teribil de incantata ca nu prea primeste ea ciocolata in rest. si e bine sa fie in portii mici ca altfel nu stiu cum m-as opri!!

  3. Dana, bine te-am gasit si eu!
    Prajitura arata excelent. Eu nu prea stiu sa masor cu linguri si cani dar pentru o reteta ca asta, de ce nu?

  4. irina, ma straduiesc sa ofer cantitatile si in grame... daca nu ai linguri de masurat, 1 ts=5 gr, 1 tb=15 gr. mersi de vizita!

  5. mark, i think it's just as tasty in english!

  6. ciocolata e ca o opera clasica nu isi peirde niciodata valoarea.tu ai pus-o minunat de bine in valoare.super reteta.falicitari

  7. sarah, multumesc mult! bine te-am gasit!

  8. I love this kind of dessert, I love all that is chocolatey :)

  9. Dana... la retele tale... poti pune niste poze intermediare din timpul prepararii? felicitari pentru blog!

  10. bine ai venit, mihai, multumesc! din pacate e dificil pentru ca de cele mai multe ori gatesc cu fetita mea, care are doi ani jumate, si nu prea pot sa-mi iau ochii de pe ea. in plus, bucataria mea nu primeste destula lumina naturala pentru poze. ocazional fac un efort, pentru retete unde cred ca o explicatie nu-i suficienta.


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