Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter lollipops

i've been away for a week, but it feels more like a month! it's very difficult to catch up with everybody who stayed busy, i still have some reading to do, but i hope to get back on track soon. i wanted to do a quick how-to-dye-your-eggs-with-onion-leaf, but about half the bloggers i read already did, in one form or another, so instead i'll show you the candies i made last night for zhara. she still hasn't seen them, i can't wait for her reaction! happy easter everyone!


  1. Sfintele Sarbatori Pascale sa iti aduca pace in suflet, iubire in inimi, bucurie in casa si bunastare pe masa!Happy Eastern

  2. Awesome lollipops Dana! difficult to choose one among them..
    Happy Easter to you Dana and your family!

  3. Happy Easter, Dana! I wish you had done dying eggs though - I've always wanted to learn that.. :)

  4. Happy Easter. Adorable lollipops!

  5. Hristos a Inviat! Daniela ma surprinzi tot mai mult, va doresc multa fericire sanatate cu mult drag fam. Pardut.

  6. cami, multumesc mult, asemenea si tie!

    uma, thanks a lot! zhara had the same dilemma - it took her a good while to pick one!

    celia, thanks. the egg business is really not a big deal. my favourite method is to chop up a bunch of golden onion leaves, in 1/2 cm pieces. then you cut an old stocking to size, put an egg in it and fill with onion pices so the egg is not visible. tie up the ends. you boil them at an easy simmer 10 minutes, and you can add a bunch of red onion leaves to the water, or a bit of beet juice for a more intense color. without, they'll be more orange than red. i love the pattern you get with this method. another option is to simply boil them in the leaves, but i never do, i find them too plain. or you can stick tiny leaves - like parsley, or weeds - with a bit of water to the egg, tie it off in the stocking and boil with the leaves. you'll get red eggs with a leaf imprint. they're all pretty, and i promise you won't taste the onion. i'll look up some links and email them.

    kathleen, thanks, happy easter to you too!

    utza: ha! io-s mai surprinsa!! ma bucur sa te vad aici, mersi mult pentru mesaj! paste fericit, pace si fericire!

  7. These are the cutest things! I wish I had the patience for stuff like this!


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