Tuesday, April 27, 2010

in the garden

i've been spending a good amount of time weeding and planting lately. i'll never be a passionate gardener. those weeds grow too fast and do there really have to be so many worms and bugs in the ground?! fortunately, i like herbs more than i dislike bugs. and once i decided to grow herbs, the rest just followed. i planted onion, carrots, and parsley. i have heirloom tomatoes growing on the windowsill, and when it's warm enough i'll also put in green beans, cucumbers and bell peppers. perhaps corn, just two or three so we can boil it young and have it with herbed salted butter. i haven't photographed all of it, but here's a few...


  1. Gorgeous photos! Welcome Spring! :)

    We've just tried planting garlic for the first time - it needs to go in before winter here to get a long enough growing season, and every morning I go out and count the little shoots. I wish I had little flags to mark them with.. :)


  2. oh, you'll love green garlic, it's so delicate, just lovely! and it's tasty time and a half when it's from your own garden!

    i do the same, celia. each day, i can't wait to see what changes took hold overnight. and my husband, too. half those onions are his first planting :)

  3. moi aussi j'ai un problème avec les mauvaises herbes dans mon jardin ça prend énormément de temps pour le nettoyer j'ai planté de la salade et des haricots violets
    bonne journée

  4. I love gardening! Your plants are looking really good! Isn't growing fresh herbs the best? I love to go outside my back door and snip a few fresh herbs to cook dinner with. I too look at my garden every am with delight on how its growing :)

  5. hmm, je n'ai jamais mange des haricots violets, je suis bien curieuse!

    andrea, thanks! i'll have to do a round-up on the flowers too. right now the lilac is in bloom, its scent is just intoxicating. the parsely i grow for leaves is right under it and each time i pick some i find myself smiling for no reason.

  6. Beautiful - I can't wait to get our garden going!


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