Saturday, June 19, 2010

coconut ice cream

meet my newest bff. it's the first ice cream i made myself, and to have such success means only one thing: my ice cream maker is going to see a lot of action this summer. this is a very refreshing dessert, with a really nice mouthfeel that will never make you think it's homemade. my machine is not high-end by any means, and still it produced a lovely texture, very creamy with no ice crystals. i am a coconut fanatic. i love it in any shape or form, so this had to be the first thing to try in my brand new ice cream maker.
this recipe comes from bruce weinstein's the ultimate ice cream book, a wondeful collection that includes sorbets and granitas, drinks, toppings, homemade waffle cones and even some savory concoctions. it's one of my favorite cookbooks at the moment. you can also find more ice cream on mark and bruce's blog, real food has curves.

coconut ice cream
featured with permission

1/2 cup toasted shredded sweetened coconut flakes
1 cup sugar
3 large eggs
1 ts cornstarch
1/4 ts salt
1 cup half and half
1 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 cup heavy cream
2 ts vanilla extract

beat the eggs with the sugar until pale and thick. beat in the salt, cornstarch and vanilla. mix the half and half with the coconut milk and heat until just below boil. temper the eggs with half the mixture, then return everything to the pot and cook until it coats the back of the spoon. strain to get any cooked egg bits out. let cool 5 minutes, then add the cream and mix. add the coconut if using, cover with plastic wrap directly on the surface and refrigerate until cold, at least 5 hours or up to overnight. churn in your ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions. [these are not bruce's instructions. i find retelling a recipe helps me memorate it, and i really like knowing the recipes i use so i don't always have to look them up. and i don't have the patience to copy something down word for word.]

i did not have shredded coconut on hand, so i added 1/2 ts coconut extract, fearing it wouldn't be coconutty enough. i did have some quality coconut milk, so it would have been okay without. cornstarch is in there to help the texture. if you have a performant machine you may omit it.
it's a great ice cream, i hope you'll all try it.


  1. Super duper delicious, Dana! That looks fabulous. I've got a couple of Mark and Bruce's books as well, they're fantastic...

  2. Un meravilgioso nido !... e la pizzanel post precedente, molto ben fatta, brava a presto ciao

  3. Beautiful scoops. Looking forward to more variations of the same or in other flavors.

  4. dana,so beautiful,delicate and tasty!

  5. Imi place mult, mult de tot fotografia! Bravo!

  6. i know of many milk desserts with coconut.. but didnt knew of icecream..
    yummy :)

  7. celia, thanks a lot!

    stefania, thank you.

    cool lassi(e), strawberry is next. already made it, it's incredible.

    alison, thanks so much!

    irina, multumesc frumos.

    des, welcome. thank you!

    uma, i have one can of that coconut milk left and i can't decide what to do with it - so many temptations!

  8. une glace à base de lait de coco, tu m'épate ma chère dana, ça doit être excellent
    bravo et bonne journée

  9. beautiful icecream and lovely picture, bravo it's amazing
    bisous xoxo bonne soirée

  10. J'en aurai bien mangé une boule ou deux.
    très bonne glace.
    A bientôt.

  11. merci les copines, bisous a toutes!

  12. ai avut noroc ca n-ai avut cocos, eu am avut si iese nasol in inghetata, zici ca mesteci rumegus...

  13. dan, am patit chestia cu rumegusul in waffles :)
    dar aici nu-i vorba de ala marunt de acasa, e dat pe razatoarea mare, si nu e uscat, e tratat chimic sa ramana moale si usor umed. si ala uscat poate fi rehidratat la nevoie.

  14. se rehidrateaza el destul cit sta acolo in lapte si frisca, da tot ca rumegusu ramane...
    daca-i cocos proaspat, atunci poate e altfel. ala tratat chimic sa ramana moale, nu stiu, suna cam dubios.


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