Saturday, March 13, 2010

caramel coconut flan

i made this especially for a friend who was going to visit today. after stuffing her full of flan we were going to see 'alice in wonderland', but yet another migraine made the whole plan go down in plumes of dissapointment. i simply couldn't face 2 hours of blaring sorround and flickering lights, not if johnny depp was signing autographs at the door. [not the time to call me on it!] so no movie for me, and no flan for my friend obviously translates into double flan for both me and my husband. sweet mother of consolation!

the recipe i used comes from a restaurant in philadelphia, azafran - i'm pretty sure that's the name, i've never been there and i got the recipe from a friend who swears 'it's the best'. i really did love the consistency, but as far as taste goes, to me it seemed more creme brulee than anything else. you couldn't really taste the coconut, i definetely recommend adding finely grated coconut or extract to it to perk it up. probably extract though, i wouldn't want to mess up a perfect texture.

5 eggs
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can unsweetened coconut milk
1/8 ts salt
1/2 ts vanilla
1 ts coconut extract

1 1/2 cups caster sugar
1/3 cup water

mix the sugar and the water in a heavy-bottomed pan and place on high heat to caramelize. stir until sugar is dissolved, then continue boiling on high heat, tilting the pan occasionally, but no more stirring. use a wet pastry brush to brush down the sides of the pan. when you reach a deep amber color pour immediately into 6 ramekins, twirling each ramekin to get the caramel in an even coat on the bottom and on the sides. drizzle the rest of the caramel on wax paper to use for decoration.


preheat the oven to 350F. beat the eggs with the salt until well combined. add the condensed milk and the coconut milk and mix well. divide equally between the six ramekins. place them in a roasting pan and pour enough hot water to come up half-way around the ramekins. bake until just set but still jiggly in the center, 35 to 40 minutes. do not overcook.

the good news is, this stuff can be prepared three days in advance. when it's time to serve put each ramekin in a bowl of hot water for half a minute to loosen the caramel, run a knife along the side, then invert on a plate. you can also make it in a pie dish if you can't be bothered with individual flans. i have yet to meet someone who doesn't like this, even my creme brulee-hating husband is a convert! it has the smoothest texture, and it tastes like love: warm even when served cold, moist and airy, buttery light, sweetly overwhelming everything else as long as you have a spoon in hand.


  1. i loveeeeeeeee this one :)
    ce bunatateeeeeeee !!!!

  2. cum e ala caster sugar ???hmmm

  3. salut anca, e ca si zaharul granulat alb doar ca e mult mai fin si se topeste mai repede. nu-i musai, poti folosi de care ai! mersi mult!

  4. Dana! That looks like something straight out of a food mag. Talk about getting a complex, now you're giving me one. You managed to do this plus the rest with a small child AND a migraine? Impressive.. :)

    Adore the artistically placed toffee, and you know, I'd prefer a creme brulee over a flan any day..

    You did the right thing, Alice In Wonderland in 3D was not the place to be with a migraine, even if JD had been there. I got a headache just from the 3D trailers.

  5. Beautiful looking flan. The texture is perfect! Love the artistic presentation!

  6. artistically presented.. i havent tasted it earlier.. ur pic is tempting me to try one..

  7. Imi place mult! Si reteta dar si foografia!

  8. Wow, this looks beautiful! Great job :) I'm surprised the coconut taste wasn't more prevelant with the whole can of coconut milk in there!

  9. celia, nothing like outrageous flattery to cure a headache! you're too kind, thank you!

    cool lassi(e), thanks a lot!

    uma, give it a try, here everybody loved it.

    irina, mersi mult, te pup!

    hi karen, i thought it would be enough, and i bought the best coconut milk i could find, but it really needs a drop of extract. thanks!

  10. Arata divin! Cand zic asta, chiar nu glumesc, trebuie neaparat sa incerc reteta asta!

  11. Hello Dana, super delicios acest flan! compliments!

  12. andrei, mersi mult, sper sa-ti placa!
    nina, multumesc!


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