Monday, March 1, 2010

zucchini stuffed mushrooms

lately dinner with the princess involved games and tricks, begging and imploring, threats and tears, and enough bribery to make the sopranos look like innocent kittens. i'm concerned she's not getting enough nutritive elements, since all she wants to eat is yoghurt and fruit. and crackers. so i do what any good mother does: find a weakness and exploit its full potential. as it happens, my daughter has three: pickles, mustard and tortilla chips. and it turns out, she'll eat anything if it's perched on a chip or pickle slice or it's sitting in a blob of mustard. i made these stuffed mushrooms and she wouldn't even look at them, but when i put them on tortillas, that was a new story entirely.

typically i make these with spinach, but i wanted something new. i used zucchini instead, finely grated. you end up with about the same texture. first i panfried some bacon, and in the fat rendered i sauteed a mountain of onion. then i added a bit of garlic and some red and green peppers.
my mushrooms were medium sized portobellos, which seemed thick to me, so i parbaked them while this was happening. when the pepper was slightly softened i added the finely grated zucchini, gently drained, and seasoned with white pepper and very little salt. off heat i crumbled in the bacon and some feta.

i mixed in chopped parsley and after i stuffed the mushrooms i sprinkled grated parmesan over the top. since everything was half cooked it took no time at all to finish in the oven. and i must say, they go well quartered and balanced on tortilla chips. now the drama accompanying the dish, not so good for the digestion.


  1. Dana, ciuperci umplute cu zucchini si alte ti-am citit povestioara, dar pozele vorbesc destul de clar si mie asta imi place cel mai mult; o poza fara reteta accept 100%, o reteta fara poza O%...nici nu ma opresc sa citesc!
    Complimente si mult succes in continuare; ai talent in toate! Bravo! XO

  2. Nice recipes you've got here and the pictures are amazing! I think I'll try cooking some zucchini stuffed mushrooms tonight! Please excuse my english!

  3. kenny and anca, thank you both!

    nina, si eu sunt la fel. am cartile mele de bucate vechi, imi sunt dragi asa cum sunt, dar astea noi cu poze lucioase imi fura ochii imediat. mersi din suflet, pupici

    andrei, your english is just fine, but you can always comment in romanian if you prefer. thanks for visiting :)

  4. Dana,
    They look so moist and heavenly. So very colorful and a great click!

  5. I'm all about exploiting weaknesses: pickles are one of the major items in my arsenal too. I just keep reminding myself that mum really does know best in this area (if in very few others)!

  6. Oh, if only they stayed that easy to convince...I have to bribe mine with iTunes money these days! :)

    Looks delicious, Dana, and I love your photography - gorgeous light and shadows and reflections..

  7. hi roving lemon, nice to hear from you!

    celia, you're too kind! i heard they don't, but right now i'd rather stick my head in sand and don't worry about it. if she's gonna be half as bad as i was, we better save up for medication :)

  8. Oh you just say that because you have girls. When mine were young, we talked about starting a "bail fund" for them. :)

  9. oh, celia, you gave me a good laugh: i meant stuff along the lines of xanax, for me! medication for us, to keep us sane or at least calm when she'll be stubborn and won't listen to a word i say, but while we're on the subject, i got a hunch we will need a bail fund, too. for my husband. i know he is just bound to break some kid's legs in about 12 years.

  10. hello dana
    nice blog thanks for sharing that and I love the name" fleur de sel" !! bravo to you ; and if you lije inventive french food come and visit me !! cheers from Paris Pierre

  11. Luscious... if you can get your child to eat veggies this way maybe I can do it with my hubby to be!

  12. wow those are just beautiful and sound delicious!

  13. zucchini, mushrooms and tortilla chips.... What a lovely combo Dana!

  14. These certainly look tasty, I love just about anything with mushrooms. I love that your blog includes a recipe index- so many don't for some reason.

  15. pierre, many thanks

    lindsay, a foolproof trick for getting them to eat cauliflower will follow soon. thank you!

    simply life and uma, thanks so much for stopping by!

    mary, thanks for following!

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  17. Aaah, fathers and their daughters. Yep, they can get a tad over-protective.. :)

  18. Hey Dana!.. Thanks for your sweet comments!.. I suggest you try Mushroom curry, Paneer/Indian Cottage cheese curry or one of the fritters..


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