Sunday, February 14, 2010

another potato soup

i think it's fair to say about 80% of my daughter's veggie intake comes about by way of soup. if she won't eat anything, she'll still go for soup 9 times out of 10. worst case scenario, i'll strain the broth into a sippy cup, she'll drink it and it's still something. i did that routinely when she was teething and flat-out refused to eat anything.
this soup is a compromise between stuff she likes and stuff i want. i don't want to cook separate dishes for us. in the other hand, she only likes pasta, rice and a couple of veggies. i love potatoes, while she starts wailing if i even offer them. but: she doesn't mind the taste of potato. weird, right? it suits me though, cause i can make a soup that'll make both of us happy.

this is more about the method than it is about a list of ingredients. i always use whatever i have on hand. brown your protein -smoked butt/bacon/kabanos/kielbasa - then add chopped onion. when it's glossy add chopped carrots and bell peppers. add your potatoes and let them boil gently for 15 minutes. add a handful of pasta. when both the pasta and the potatoes are almost ready, add chopped zucchini. mix 1/2 cup of sour cream with 1 egg yolk and temper it by slowly streaming in a couple ladles of hot soup - while whisking continuously. put in all back in the soup, stirring, and give it another gentle boil. add some dry oregano, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.
you should see us eating. zhara picks out what she likes, the pasta, carrots and zucchini, and like a good sport i pick up the slack: the potatoes and the sausage. well, it works for us.


  1. Hi Dana,

    nu iti face Griji prea mari , la Virsta ei sint multi Copii mofturosi. Si a naosträ nu a fost altfel.....Cu Timpul se reparä Treaba...
    Si Suppa im place supär, combinatia...
    Voi stiti sä mincati fein si aia cistigä Respectul meu..

    Cu drag Jacob

  2. jacob, si eu sper ca o sa se schimbe cu varsta, intre timp e greu sa nu-ti faci griji...
    multumesc mult!

  3. Walt won't eat my beloved potatoes either. He'll eat an occasional french fry, which we don't have often. And even then it's mainly as a vehicle for eating ketchup, aka his favorite "vegetable". What's up with that? Is he even my son?

    Though recently he tried and liked pierogi. So I'm not calling the DNA experts just yet.

  4. anne, zhara goes for julia child's potage parmentier. it's the only potato dish she eats. i would gladly give her baked fries but she only wants to dip them in mustard, polish it off and repeat, without a single bite of potato being actually consumed. she loves mustard. we tried pierogi too, but only the cabbage ones had a moderate success.

  5. The soup sounds so good and I love the little toast cut-outs :)


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