Wednesday, February 17, 2010

garlicky, lemony zucchini white pizza

i know, enough with the zucchini already, right? the thing is, i cook to order. the order of my bratty princess, who's realized all she has to do is ask, and food will just materialize on her plate. last night i had planned to feed her some leftover asparagus risotto. she loves it, except last night she just wouldn't take even a bite of it. so i started to name alternatives, which she shot down one by one. exasperated, i asked, what will you eat?!!! and she told me: pizza.
luckily i had picked up some dough at trader joe's. i was out of canned tomatoes so a red  sauce was out of the equation, but i had some leftover garlic alfredo, just enough to schmear it all over. i grated the zucchini, seasoned it and tossed it with the juice of half a lemon and some olive oil. then i put one gigantic garlic clove through the press and mixed that in. let it sit while i chopped some bacon and crumbled some feta. slapped everything on and baked it 20 minutes at 400F.

zhara ate three bites. i had plumes of smoke coming out of my ears by this point. she had a banana and went to bed. i had a slice. and my husband had the rest of it. in his defense, it was a skinny crust. why, it was almost flatbread.


  1. Hi Dana,

    minunat !! Exact asa le place si le Fetele mele...
    Cum am mai scris , nu te amäri cä Zhara nu prea mänincä..
    Este normal si Copii au tutusi ce le trebuie..
    Cind simt bei Lipsa de nutrients , mänincä ei...
    Cu drag Jacob

  2. 3 bites! Haha... I never had a problem with my daughter when she was young about eating... she pretty much liked everything. Pizza looks really good!

  3. reportedly, i was exactly the same. my cousin too, except his daughter eats everything sh can get her hands on. sigh. thanks karen!


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