Sunday, February 28, 2010

well, i've joined the daring bakers: tiramisu from scratch.

because it pushes me to try stuff i'd never consider in different circumstances. i tend to stay in my comfort zone, make a little cake, maybe a tart sometime, but nothing very elaborate and the daring bakers' challenges are nothing but. this is the first challenge, and it was done for the same party as the dobos torte and a bunch of other dishes. i have one pic of the finished dessert and it's post-party slop, but seeing as you get removed if you don't post the challenges... better a sloppy one than none at all.

The February 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen and Deeba of Passionate About Baking. They chose Tiramisu as the challenge for the month. Their challenge recipe is based on recipes from The Washington Post, Cordon Bleu at Home and Baking Obsession.

now this is supposed to be a classic tiramisu, with all the components done from scratch. you see what i mean - when would i ever make mascarpone at home?! i wouldn't, i would just sit here and complain it's gotten pricey, and it's so easy to make! and i've always purchased ladyfingers, but i don't think i will again... the homemade, which haven't been sitting on some shelf for decades, are much superior. nothing out of the ordinary with pastry cream and chantilly. this recipe also calls for a marsala zabaglione. now zabaglione - or sabayon - of any kind is simply not one of my faves, but mixed in with the rest i have to say you couldn't really identify it. i didn't want to change anything, i've followed the recipe to the letter, and while it was fine and all my guests seemed to enjoy it, i felt it was a bit lackluster. maybe my espresso wasn't strong enough. it didn't boost me. i would have liked a stronger flavor. i also thought the proportions a little odd, there's very little mascarpone in there... anyhoo, here are the some pictures. i forget: if you want to check out the recipe, please go here, it's really a lot of talk and it feels silly to transcribe it.

perhaps it's all just a matter of personal taste... i just don't like tiramisu especially, i would never order it in a restaurant and for that reason i doubt i'll make it again. but this challenge was great. i loved making the savoiardi. a lot of desserts i truly love have ladyfingers as components and i'm sure now i'll be able to improve them. the cheese making was not without its troubles, as the first time i bought cream i neglected to check it wasn't ultra-pasteurized... but very rewarding when i got it right. all in all, a good experience for me. can't wait to see what's next.


  1. Danaaa wow ce frumos ti-a iesit :)
    vai ,e excelent !!!te pop pa
    dana intra putin la mine pe blog si vezi daca iti place cum am facut blogul meu :) plzz

  2. tu ai facebook?dana ai putut intra la mine ?te lasa situl ??ca numa ce l-am facut ....:((

  3. daaa :) am vazut si multumesc pt incurajare :) te caut pe facebook mai vb acolo ...

  4. Bravo, un tiramisu très réussi.
    J'en aurai bien pris une tranche.
    Bonne semaine.

  5. I want to snatch that piece of deliciousness! Yummy Yum!

  6. Hey, I don't think that looks sloppy at all! I think they looks like perfect tiramisu! How impressive that all you daring bakers have been making your own ladyfingers.. :)

  7. nadjibella, merci beaucoup!

    cool lassi(e), thanks for stopping by!

    hi celia, it was certainly worth it! the ladyfingers were my favourite part of the dessert. i don't think i'll ever buy them again, they have a much better texture and absorb liquid well without getting all mushy. thank you for the commenting, it's great seeing you here!

  8. Dana ce sa zic nou ne place muselles(scoicile).cateodata mai mergem la casino numai pentru seefood vinerea :))
    baietelul a gustat cam 4 scoici la fetita nui palce ....
    de data asta numai aeu am mancat ca sotul e plecat in nord la lucru :((
    si mi sa facut pofat de ele ....te pup si thx for stopping by!!!pe curand

  9. Congrats on your many 'firsts'! The tiramisu looks beautiful!

  10. Hola. Me encanta el tiramisú y soy una defensora de este postre , tan delicado y fino que nos dá tanto juego . Tambien te quiero comentar que me fui a mirar la receta y no pude hacerlo pues no sale en español, y no se puede traducir , no te dá esa opción , es una pena porque no puedo mirar tus recetas que me parecen muy buenas , te mando saludos ISABEL.

  11. hola, isabel, i'm sorry you had such troubles reading the recipe. that's a pdf file that doesn't have a translator imbedded. but if you open google translator you can simply copy the entire text and paste it in the translator, and it will do the trick. as you see, for my blog i've put it on the page. thanks for taking the time to leave a message! have a great day!


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